What is Pilates?

In short, Pilates is a system of exercises that combine flexibility strength and control. The entire method is based on the 6 principles: Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Precision and Breathing.

Joseph Pilates was able to bring together his deep understanding of the body and the knowledge about how to train the body. The System of exercising has shown results over the past 100 years; he proved to be a true visionary with a Zeitgeist that has stood the test of time.

Compared to the mainstream Pilates offered nowadays in the majority of Gyms and fitness schools in Europe, authentic Pilates uses equipment and structured exercise systems. To be safe and effective, Pilates should be only be practiced in combination with a Pilates Teacher, who knows the method inside out, to be able to choose the right exercises and apply them in a way to guarantee the best result for the student.

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