The Pilates Studio offers different formats of exercise sessions, such as:




Private sessions

They are personalized one on one sessions, using the whole range of Pilates work and equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, and the mat and smaller pieces of equipment. This format allows to tailor the session to the specific needs of each client, with a maximum of attention on detail and progress.



Duet sessions

This format allows to share the cost of a private session, and still work closely with one instructor. To guarantee ideal progress for both partners, you will work with a matching body type and level of practice.




Wall unit (3-5 people with mat work and Cadillac)

These sessions are a combination of mat exercises integrating the Cadillac, which helps to strengthen and stretch the body in a safe and efficient way.



Mat sessions

These are a series of controlled ground exercise that focus on strengthening and working from the ‘Powerhouse’ without equipment. The maximum 7-10 people are under close guidance by an instructor, to keep the quality of the work with our love for detail.



Suggestion on what to start with:

Private Sessions: 

Private sessions are for everybody, at any level of practice, as they can be targeted to the specific needs of each client.

Mat/ Wall sessions:

To join a group class you should be healthy without major injuries or complications.

Teacher Training Program

The Pilates Studio in The Hague has become a home for learning of hundreds of pure Pilates trainers and studios in Europe, USA and Russia.
Romana’s Pilates instructor training programme is highly regarded in the industry and known for its depth and quality of education.
The teachers who are active in Romana’s Pilates, continue to embody and teach the method the way Romana was taught by Joseph Pilates.


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The Pilates Studio opened its doors in Den Haag in 1994.

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