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Joseph Pilates

Born in Germany in the early 1880s, Joseph Pilates has grown up studying many of the physical systems, which were so popular in late 19th and early 20th century in Europe. Joseph himself was a sickly child, and has developed his method of training, “Contrology ”(Art of Control)l”, through his own insight of strengthening and overcoming weaknesses.

Joseph Pilates was described as “a genius of the body” by his clients such as the famous New York choreographers, George Balanchine and Martha Graham. As a visionary of his time, Joseph has proven that he got it right with his approach on the body. The Pilates System has shown its results for nearly 100 years.

Joseph Pilates  was able to bring together his deep understanding of the body and the knowledge about how to train the mind and body as a unity.” Es ist der Geist der den Koerper baut” The System of exercising has shown results over the past 100 years, and he proved to be a true visionary with a Zeitgeist that has stood the test of time.


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In 1994 opende The Pilates Studio in Den Haag haar deuren als eerste Pilatesstudio van de Benelux. In het jaar 2000 werd tevens een locatie in Rotterdam geopend.

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