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Joseph met Clara

In the journey to the States, Joseph met Clara, a nurse and kindergarten teacher, who would become his wife and partner in the development and teaching of the method. Shortly after their arrival in New York, they opened the first studio in Eighth Avenue, in the same building as George Balanchine’s NYC Ballet studio. Balanchine and his dancers would all get treated by Pilates. Hanya Holm and Martha Graham would also benefit from his method and adopt it as part of their own techniques.

Both Joseph and Clara devoted their lives to improve the exercises and the apparatuses and to work with people with different physical problems to make the method beneficial to everybody. Their physical fitness and good energy even when they were in their eighties was the living proof of the success of the method.

After Joseph’s death in 1967, Clara continued working on the method at their studio, which by then was already known as the Pilates Studio. Some years later, Clara would ask Romana Kryzanowska, who had started working with the method in the early 1940s, to take the lead of the studio. After Clara’s death in 1977, Romana became the guardian and ultimate representative of the Pilates Method and devoted her life to carry on Joseph and Clara’s work, mandate inherited to this day by her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo.

Romana Kryzanowska

Romana’s Pilates is the company formed by Romana and Sari who both trained closely with Jo and Clara Pilates for decades, to continue Pilates’ work – you can’t get much closer to the source than that!

Everyone studying Pilates today can trace their roots back to Romana in one way or another. Either their teacher, or their teacher’s teacher or their teacher’s teacher’s teacher was trained with or by Romana. The closer this connection is to the source the closer the work is to the way it was intended to be by Joseph Pilates himself.

Sadly Romana passed away in 2013, however her works lives on through her daughter Sari Mejia Santo (First Generation Level I Romana’s Pilates Grand Master Trainer, who trained with Joseph and Clara Pilates and worked along side her mother for over 3 decades), as well as her Grand-daugher Daria Pace (Romana’s Pilates Level II Instructor Trainer) and the Master Instructors including Juanita Lopez, Cythnia Lochard, Marjorie Oron, Javier Perez-Pont & Phillipe Taupin.
Romana’s Pilates instructor training programme is highly regarded in the industry.
The hundreds of teachers who are active in Romana’s Pilates, continue to embody and teach the method the way Romana was taught by Joseph Pilates.


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In 1994 opende The Pilates Studio in Den Haag haar deuren als eerste Pilatesstudio van de Benelux. In het jaar 2000 werd tevens een locatie in Rotterdam geopend.

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