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Den Haag:
Monday until Thursday  9:00 - 20:30.
Friday 8:30 - 17:00.

Monday until Thursday 9.00 – 20.30.
Friday 09.00 – 17.00.



marjorie-managementMarjorie Oron was the first teacher trainer in the pure pilates method in the Netherlands, opening her first fully equipped studio on November 6, 1994 in Scheveningen, The Hague.

Having completed her all round dance education at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Marjorie danced at the Modern Jazz Dance Company "Djazzex". Four years later, she moved to New York to join the Classical Ballet Company "Dance Theatre of Harlem", where the long hours working in pointe shoes brought back an old ankle injury. The orthopaedic surgeon suggested her to try the pure pilates method not only as a therapy to treat the injury but also as a technique for her to learn how to avoid overworking her ankles and find a more economic and effective way of moving in her daily ballet classes. To become aware of the possibilities and limitations of her own body was a true revelation.

The ankle injury seemed to be recurrent and rest the only way to heal it. Therefore, Marjorie decided to take a year break and get back to the Netherlands, where she became ballet mistress and rehearsal director at her former company, "Djazzex". This position challenged her to grow from stage dancer to dance teacher, while bringing extra value to the company. In the daily ballet classes, she used her experience with the pure pilates method to teach the dancers how to use their body weight efficiently, find their power house and keep the alignment of their joints to keep their bodies injury free. The results achieved raised interest within the team of physical therapists who treated the company and encouraged Marjorie to go back to New York to study the method in depth and get certified as pure pilates trainer.

In the New York studio, master trainer Romana Kryzanowska took her under her wings to teach her the pure pilates method. Romana was a protégé of Joseph Pilates and was chosen by him to preserve and spread his heritage.

During the education, Marjorie also studied with different manual and physical therapists to deepen her knowledge on injuries. In New York, the method was already becoming known as a therapy and body conditioning technique that could offer more benefits than regular fitness.

Marjorie's return to the Netherlands marked the start of the real journey. The studio at Keizerstraat 167 grew steadily since it opened its doors and in 1999 it was time to expand. The big renovation project of the space in Keizerstraat 32 resulted in the mecca of the now many pilates trainers and studios in Europe and the USA. The Pilates Studio in The Hague was the first recognized studio in Europe and had the honour to be opened by and receive the blessing from Romana.

In the past 20 years, the studio has grown into a beautiful space with a good atmosphere where international students and regular clients train in the pure pilates method.

Marjorie Oron is a Level 2 teacher trainer and the European Regional Director of the Romana's Pilates organization.

As ballet and pilates trainer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Marjorie contributed to introducing the pilates method in the curriculum of most dance academies in the Netherlands and transforming it into a key aspect of the dancers' training in times when this trade imposes great physical demands.

Upon request of the dance academy and their students, we opened a small studio at the Dance Works premises in May 2000, where we coached the dancers of the company with pilates.

jane-managementin this project, Marjorie partners with Jane Poerwoatmodjo, an ex dancer of Djazzex in Rotterdam and Claude Pilon in Canada. She completed her dance education as a dance teacher at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, where she later in her career gave pilates classes for several years. Jane started pilates at the time of being a dancer at Djazzex, after which she decided to enter the education. She studied with Juanita Lopez in Chicago and completed the program successfully with Romana. The many years of dedication to the method in The Pilates Studio in The Hague earned her the title of Level 3 teacher trainer in the Romana's Pilates organization.

In 2009, The Pilates Studio Rotterdam moved to another location, a beautifully renovated space that is a real eye catcher on the Slaak in Rotterdam.

To have a pure pilates studio in every corner was Joe's biggest dream. To preserve his heritage is the mission that inspires our daily work in the Romana's Pilates community.