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Are you looking for a nice Pilates lesson which focusses on the pure method. Then the Pilates Studio is the studio you are looking for.

Pilates pure method

At the Pilates Studio we teach the pure method. This method is passed on by Romana Kryzanowska, heir of Joseph Pilates. All Pilates exercises are build up from the Powerhouse, also called the centre of power. The Powerhouse includes the abs, back muscles, inner femur and the glutean muscles. Practicing Pilates will result in a powerful and flexible body with streamlined muscles, a good posture and a good awareness of your body. 

The Pilates Studio has two locations, one in The Hague, founded in 1994, and one in Rotterdam, founded in 2000. We offer both grouplessons and privatelessons. Our studio's are highly regarded in the Netherlands and thanks to our experienced trainers, the Pilates Studio can ensure you to have an excellent session. 

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