PIlates Instructor Course The Hague

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Pilates Instructor Course The Hague

Are you looking for a Pilates Instructor Course in the pure method and do you want to pass on the true value of the Pilates method to your customers in the way Joseph Pilates meant it? Then The Pilates Studio is the right training center for you.

The training center that educates you the way Joseph Pilates intended it.

The popularity of Pilates has increased enormously and companies such as fitness schools are teaching pilates-like classes. These classes, however bear little resemblance to the pure Pilates method taught by Joseph Pilates. You can therefore never achieve the same results you achieve with the Pure Pilates classes.

The Pilates Studio was the first Pure Pilates Studio in Europe and is up until now still the only certified training center in the pure method in the Benelux. The exercises with Pilates are build from the "Powerhouse", which include the abs, back muscles, inner femur and the glutes. The course is split up into three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Every level consists of workshops, self study, private sessions and an end evaluation. The course can be followed in both The Hague and Rotterdam. 

Are you interested?

Are you interested in this course and would you like to get more information, please visit course Pilates Instructor or contact us. 


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